Review of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988

Help the Victorian Government to improve the FFG Act.

Due to the high level of interest and number of other reforms underway, the government has extended the submission period for an additional 2 weeks. Submissions will now close at 5:00pm on 28 March 2017.

UTS Water Workshop: Satellite Sensing of the Hydrologic Cycle: New Sensors, Datasets and Approaches

This is a comprehensive Tutorial including data access, practical exercises video and demonstrations. It covers topics including: basic microwave remote sensing, sensor description, data products, calibration/validation, and applications.

Do you have common Ivy in your backyard?
  • We need citizen scientists across Australia
Billions, not millions, needed to prevent further extinctions of threatened species

The Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) says the Federal Government’s new prospectus to save Australia’s threatened species is a positive i

Have your say on Whitsundays Plan of Management

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is seeking comments on proposed amendments to the Whitsundays Plan of Management.

Ecological Society of Australia supports control of introduced rabbits

The Ecological Society of Australia supports this month’s release of a virus to control rabbits.

Ecologists dismayed by loss of biodiversity identified in State of the Environment

The Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) is dismayed that Australia’s biodiversity is continuing to decline, as identified by the latest State of the Environment report.

Graeme Caughley Travelling Fellowship for 2018

The Fellowship commemorates the work of Dr Graeme Caughley FAA in ecology and wildlife management. Dr Caughley was a chief research scientist with the CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology until his death in February 1994.

21st International Congress of Biometeorology

The theme for the 21st Congress is “Weather and Climate Information for Risk Management”.

Over $1 million in funds proves that it’s the ecology, stupid

The man behind more than $1 million in funds for students, announced today by the Ecological Society of Australia, says it’s rare for philanthropists to donate for the