PhD Opportunity: Genetic decline and rescue in an endangered plant (La Trobe University)

Supervised by Dr John Morgan (La Trobe University) and Dr Steve Sinclair (Arthur Rylah Institute for...

Closing Date:
Friday, 31. March 2017
Prenatal acoustic communication & developmental programming

We are seeking an outstanding, highly motivated PhD candidate with an interest in avian physiology to work on the ARC funded research...

Closing Date:
Tuesday, 28. February 2017
Food webs and ferals: can rabbits control cats to protect native mammals?

There are three PhD projects, based in Tasmania, the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, and in the Otago region of New Zealand, which...

Closing Date:
Saturday, 8. April 2017
Two new cotutelle PhD positions in Marine Ecology, co-hosted by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and Macquarie University in Australia

Long-distance facilitation cascades drive landscapes of facilitation in intertidal systems

Closing Date:
Wednesday, 25. January 2017
PhD project is available at the University of Tasmania - School of Biological Sciences

This PhD project is to study local adaptations and evolution in Tasmanian devils and their facial tumour disease.

Closing Date:
Tuesday, 28. February 2017
Microbiome Ecology 2 PhD student positions — March 2017 for 3 years

Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology, University of Würzburg

Closing Date:
Sunday, 15. January 2017
PhD Opportunities with the ARC Centre for Mine Site Restoration

The ARC Centre for Mine Site Restoration is a joint research initiative of Curtin University, Kings Park and the University of Western Australia...

Closing Date:
Friday, 23. December 2016