From bettongs to koalas; and the Alps to Antarctica – you can join these Superstars of STEM

Science & Technology Australia is offering another 60 places in their Superstars of STEM program.

They are looking for passionate and articulate women to become role models and advocates for their science.

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Symposium at ESA18 - travel grants available

Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge is recognised globally for its potential value in contemporary biodiversity conservation and land management.

A burning issue: Forest fires make more fires

The most comprehensive analysis ever performed of fires in the Australian Alps has revealed that fire has made the forests more likely to burn. Frequent fire increases the risk of fire and of ecosystem collapse in mountain forests, which are highly vulnerable to climate change.

2018 Round 2 applications now open - Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment

The Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment provides support for postgraduate students in ecology, wildlife management and natural history studies.

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Volunteer Opportunities

ESA has no current volunteer employment listings

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