2014 Student Research Award Winners

We had 41 applications for the ESA student research awards this year. As we can only award 10 grants, the competition was really quite intense. Congratulations to our 10 winners, and commiserations to those who missed out.

The successful applicants were:

Name Institution Project Title

Casey Hall


Composition and function of a guild of gall parasitoids under elevated temperature

Claire Brandenburger


Unwanted weeds or unique new Australians? A study of rapid evolution in introduced plants.

Floret Meredith


Do plants on islands escape herbivores and cast away defences?

Jasmine Lee


Conserving Australia’s Antarctic biodiversity under a changing climate.

Mark Bonner UQ Recovery of the soil microbial community and ecological function through tropical forest
Melinda Cook UTS How does host mimicry in Australian mistletoes affect the foraging behaviour of birds?
Michael Bertram Monash Sex in troubled waters: effects of widespread agricultural pollutants on fish
Rebecca Wheatley UQ Does habitat structural complexity indirectly affect reproductive fitness in a native marsupial, Antechinus mysticus?
Sichong Chen UNSW Is there a latitudinal gradient in seed predation?
Varsha Pathare UWS Differences in phenotypic plasticity between native- invasive species under elevated CO2, water availability
and competition: Jack -and- Master Trait responses?


An enormous thank you to our panel of judges: Andy Leigh (UTS), Andy Davis (UOW), Melinda Moir (UWA), Kerry Bridle (UTas), Jodi Price (UWA), Rhiannon Dalrymple (UNSW), Habacuc Flores (U Minnesota) and Matt McDowell (Flinders). These are difficult decisions!