2018 Symposium & Indigenous Travel Grants

Symposium: Indigenous Ecological Knowledge 

Convened by: Gerry Turpin, Australian Tropical Herbarium
Tuesday 27 November 2018, 1100-12.30,  Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane, QLD.

The theme of ESA 2018 is “Ecology in the Anthropocene”, with the aim of highlighting the significant impact that humans have had on the earth's ecology asking how people and nature can coexist on planet earth. We will explore how natural ecosystems function, how human activity has impacted them, and what can be done to reverse the biodiversity crisis. 

Indigenous people in Australia have lived here for thousands of years, building on their biocultural knowledge which enabled them to co-exist with the environment and adapt to climatic and environmental changes. In recent times, the expansion of human population and unchecked growth of the global economic system has put pressure on the earth’s natural ability to regenerate and dispose of waste, causing a significant impact on the environment. Changes include global warming, species extinctions and habitat loss.

Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge (IBK) is recognised globally for its potential value in contemporary biodiversity conservation and land management. Indigenous Rangers, Land Managers and Traditional Owners are invited to present their projects, research and perspectives showing how they are contributing to ecological sustainability through IBK.

Indigenous Travel Grants now closed

A limited number of Travel Grants of up to $1000 are available to assist with travel and accommodation for Indigenous presenters in the IEK Symposium. See below for details. Applications close October 1, 2018.

About Gerry Turpin
Gerry Turpin is an Ethnobotanist with the Tropical Indigenous Ethnobotany Centre (TIEC) at the Australian Tropical Herbarium in Cairns. A Mbabaram Elder and Australia’s first Indigenous Ethnobotanist, Mr Turpin is committed to Indigenous ecological knowledge and its use in collaboration with western science for environmental management.

Indigenous travel grantsIndigenous travel grants


Speakers who require financial assistance are invited to apply for an Indigenous Travel Grant.

The Ecological Society of Australia is able to offer some eligible applicants who would like to contribute to the Indigenous Ecological Knowledge symposium or to speak in other symposia or themed sessions of the conference, a Grant to assist with the costs of attending the ESA conference in Brisbane, Qld, Tuesday 27 November, 2018. Applications are particularly encouraged from people who have limited or no institutional support to enable them to attend conferences. The grant will cover the full conference registration plus $1000 which can be used towards travel or accommodation.  Joint papers involving two or more Indigenous speakers may apply for funding for up to two people.

To be eligible for the Indigenous Travel Grant you must:

1.    Be an Indigenous Australian living in Australia
2.    Present in the “Indigenous Ecologicall Knowledge” symposium OR in another symposium or open sessions of the conference.
3.    Submit the Indigenous Travel Grant application form and a presentation abstract.

If you need assistance with your application or would like more information please contact Gail Spina (executiveofficer@ecolsoc.org.au).

Please note:  
As there are limited funds available for the Travel Grants, applications will be assessed on the quality of applications and abstracts. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application.