Donate/Support the ESA

The Ecological Society of Australia is a not-for-profit, membership driven professional Society that does not receive any ongoing Government funding.  We are a registered charity and all donations received are invested directly into programs supporting ecological research, evidence-based science and the promotion of science in managing the environment.  Your donation enables us to support Australian ecologists through: 

  • applied and fundamental postgraduate research grants
  • early career research grants and networks
  • Hot Topics supporting evidence based science in public decision making
  • research chapter networks
  • public outreach initiatives
  • supporting indigenous ecological knowledge
  • publication of important collections of work in peer-reviewed journals
  • annual conference, and more ....

In addition to tax-deductible donations, opportunities are always available for individuals or organisations to partner with us to sponsor specific initiatives. These can include:

  • research grants
  • conference symposia or events
  • awards that facilitate and reward high quality ecological research
  • outreach events
  • workshops and training programs
  • indigenous programs
  • ecology in schools

If you would like to contribute to the Society in this way, please contact us.

You can also use our online donation page to make tax-deductible donations.