ESA journals working group

ESA journals working group chair:

Don Driscoll 

Working group members:

  • Nigel Andrew, Editor, Austral Ecology
  • Perpetua Turner, Editorial Chair, EMR
  • Tein McDonald, Editor, EMR
  • Maggie Watson, Book Review Editor 
  • Gail Spina, ESA Executive Officer

The overall ESA Journals Working Group objectives are:

  • Assess current budgets, and budget projections of ESA journals (Austral Ecology & Ecological Management & Restoration
  • Prepare contractual arrangements 18 - 24 months before current Publishing Agreements expire with publishers. Note that clause 12.2 of the 2015 – 2019 publishing agreement for Austral Ecology requires negotiations between Jan 2018 – June 2018 for new agreement to start in 2020
  • Identify threats to publication income
  • Identify new initiatives to enhance the readership, longevity and relevance of the journals
  • Maintain clear differentiation of content between the two journals

Detailed terms of reference