Awards & prizes

ESA 2017 Conference Student Prize Winners

Marilyn Fox Award for inaugural conference presentation

Jessica Hodgson, Deakin University, Great Bowerbirds as ecosystem engineers?

ESA Wiley Outstanding Spoken Presentation

1st Prize: Elizabeth Trevenen, University of Western Australia, Simulating the effect of plant soil feedbacks on the resilience of plant communities

2nd Prize: Bronwyn Ayre, University of Western Australia & The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority,Importance of pollen dispersal distance on the reproductive success of the bird-pollinated Anigozanthos manglesii

3rd Prize: Kate Parkins, University of Melbourne, How high do they go? A low-cost tracking device for measuring animal movement in three-dimensions.

ESA Wiley Outstanding Speed Talk Presentation

Corey Callaghan, University of New South Wales, A bird in the bush is worth $223,851 in the hand

Australian Flora Foundation Prize for a spoken paper on the biology or cultivation of an Australian plant

Hannah Etchells, University of Western Australia, Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor) forest regeneration following catastrophic wildfire

ESA Wiley EMR Student Prize for a spoken Presentation on management or restoration

Fiamma Riviera, University of Western Australia, Comparison of floristic and functional patterns and drivers in post-mining restoration of kwongan shrublands

Society for Conservation Biology Prize for a spoken presentation on conservation biology

Lauren Young, University of Sydney, CSIRO Alice Springs, Defining and delineating drought refuges of a threatened desert rodent, Pseudomys australis

Inaugural Student Award for Science Communication 

Emily Gregg, RMIT University, What are the barriers to community buy-in of threatened species conservation in Australia?

NZ journal of Zoology

Rachel Nepia, University of Waikato, Understanding the role and impact of introduced honey bees in native New Zealand submontane forest