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Student travel grants

Travel grants for ESAus19 are now closed - funding allocation has been exhausted.

Applications are made via this online form. Please read the below before applying.

The ESA encourages student attendance at its annual conference by providing a number of student travel grants each year.

Every student who applies for the grant and meets the criteria (until the allocation is exhausted) will receive some level of funding depending on the geographic location of their home campus (funding amounts shown below). The grants will be awarded in the order they were received once abstract confirmations have been sent out, you are welcome to apply beforehand, but will not be awarded a grant if your abstract is not accepted. ​

The amount of the grant received will be based on relative travel costs of all applicants, and are generally determined on the basis of relative costs of air travel.

In addition to the usual travel grants, up to five extra travel grants (Wiley Student Fellowships) will be sponsored by Wiley Publishing. These fellowships will be awarded to individuals from the pool of applicants who have the highest travel costs.

To be eligible for a student travel grant, applicants must be a member of the Society, be the presenting author of a talk or poster, and not have previously won a travel grant from the Society.

The funding amounts below are based on ESA covering approximately three quarters of a return economy airfare and airport transfer fee from each location.

Because the ESA has a limited pool of funding available for travel grants, we will not be able to support an unlimited number of applications. Funding will be awarded to all applicants until the funding cap is reached, and then no further awards will be made. So, apply early!



2019 fares


Origin city / location

Travel grant

ACT - southern NSW


NSW - North (Armidale / Lismore)


NSW (Sydney Region)


NT (Darwin)


QLD - North (Cairns / Townsville)


QLD - South East


NT (Alice Springs)




VIC (Melbourne)


SA (Adelaide)

WA (Perth) $450






To be eligible for a grant, applicants must:

  • be a current financial member of ESA,
  • be the presenting author of a talk or a poster
  • provide all details as requested on the application form
  • not have previously won a travel grant from the ESA
  • indicate in the application the projected travel budget inc the amount of any departmental or other support available
  • be a student presenter - To qualify as a student presenter you must be presenting either a spoken paper or a posteron a topic researched as part of a student project, and your enrolment must have been current at some time within the 12 months prior to the conference. The work you are presenting can have co-authors, but you must be the first author, and the work presented must be primarily your original work

Apply for a student travel grant by completing this online form.


Students are eligible to apply for ESA Student Travel Grants as soon as they have joined. However, if you have been a member for less than a year, you will only receive half of the amount shown above. You can only receive a student travel grant once, so if you have just joined up, you can choose whether to apply for half the amount now, or to apply for the full amount in the following year. If you have received half the amount, you cannot apply for the other half in a later year.

For further information contact Gail Spina:  Email: executiveofficer@ecolsoc.org.au


2019 Student travel grant recipients

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