Awards & prizes

Past Winners

2016 Samantha McCann (University of Sydney)

For her project Using chemical cues to control invasive cane toads (Rhinella marina) in Australia.

2015 Ryan Pearson(Griffith University)

For his project “Solving migratory mysteries: can the shell chemistry of commensal barnacles reveal the migratory origin of endangered loggerhead turtles?”

2014 Daniel Bateman (Macquarie)

For his PhD project "Predator vs. facilitator: trophic impact of the invasive European shore crab, Carcinus maenas, in southeast Australian estuaries"

2013 Jorge Ramos Castillejos (UTas)

For his PhD project "Life history and population dynamics of range extending Octopus tetricus in south-eastern Australia"

2012 Kate Stevens (Deakin) and Amanda Edworthy (ANU)

For Kate's PhD project "Ecology and Biology of the Grey-crowned Babbler (Pomatostomus temporalis)"

For Amanda's PhD project "Ecology and conservation of endangered Forty-spotted Pardalotes"

2011 Dejan Stojanovic (ANU)

For his PhD project:  “Life history, spatial ecology and population viability of the migratory swift parrot"

2010  Clay Trauernicht (UTas)

For his PhD project:  “The utility of Callitris intratropica as an indicator of ecological integrity on the Arnhem plateau."

2009 Amy Davidson (ANU)

For her PhD project:  “The role of phenotypic plasticity in plant invasions and its implications for biodiversity under climate change"

2008 Caragh Threlfall (UNSW)

Caragh's PhD topic:  'Insectivorous bats in the Sydney Region: urban ecology of an over-looked fauna' 

2007  Bryony Horton (UTas)

Bryony's PhD topic:  'Fire management and tree decline: mycorrhizal indicatos of declining forest health'

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