Awards & prizes

Wiley Fundamental Ecology Award - past winners

2017 Jennifer M. Cocciardi (James Cook University)

Can species interactions drive rapid niche evolution?

2016 Joshua A. Thia (The University of Queensland)

Stay? Ride the wave? Stick together? — Larval phase processes and connectivity in marine populations

2015 Melinda Greenfield (James Cook University)

 Interactions between a plant, ants and fungi in the ant-plant Myrmecodia beccarii

2014 Lisa Bromfield (University of Western Sydney)

Individual strategies to cope with environmental change: A test of the pace-of-life syndrome hypothesis

2013 Petah Low (The University of Sydney)

The effects of predation risk on insect herbivore foraging: integrating behaviour, physiology and ontogeny

2012 Rhiannon Dalrymple (UNSW Sydney)

Is life in the tropics really more colourful? A cross-taxa test for a latitudinal gradient in colour