Awards & prizes

Wiley Fundamental Ecology Award - past winners

2019 Susanna Bryceson (La Trobe University)

How C4 grasses invaded a land of eucalypt trees

2018 Nicole Bezemer (University of Western Australia)

Sex on the rocks: genetic consequences of bird pollination and population insularity in Eucalyptus caesia

2017 Jennifer M. Cocciardi (James Cook University)

Can species interactions drive rapid niche evolution?

2016 Joshua A. Thia (The University of Queensland)

Stay? Ride the wave? Stick together? — Larval phase processes and connectivity in marine populations

2015 Melinda Greenfield (James Cook University)

 Interactions between a plant, ants and fungi in the ant-plant Myrmecodia beccarii

2014 Lisa Bromfield (University of Western Sydney)

Individual strategies to cope with environmental change: A test of the pace-of-life syndrome hypothesis

2013 Petah Low (The University of Sydney)

The effects of predation risk on insect herbivore foraging: integrating behaviour, physiology and ontogeny

2012 Rhiannon Dalrymple (UNSW Sydney)

Is life in the tropics really more colourful? A cross-taxa test for a latitudinal gradient in colour