Austral Award: for best ECR Review paper

The Austral Award will be given to an early-career research scientist (criteria below) who sends an exceptional Review manuscript to Austral Ecology. The topic of the review manuscript should focus on topics that enrich the understanding of the ecology, with relevance to (but not exclusivity to) the Southern Hemisphere. If the award is given for a paper with multiple authors (no more than five, and the lead and corresponding authors must be early-career) all authors will receive a certificate, and those meeting the early-career research criteria at the time of publication will share the monetary prize.

The recipient of The Austral Award will receive a $1,500 cash award along with the opportunity to publish a prominently featured and freely available review article in Austral Ecology. In addition, the runner-up will receive $750 and the opportunity to publish a freely available article in Austral Ecology.

Submissions process

Austral Award candidates will be invited by a member of the Austral Ecology Editorial Board to submit their Review. The Editorial Board members can be found here:  If you contact an Editor in relation to an invitation, please submit a brief (< 300 words) proposal to an Editor of Austral Ecology with “The Austral Award” in the subject line. The Editor will evaluate any applications and determine if the proposal is able to be submitted as an invited ‘Austral Award’ contender. 

These reviews do not need to cover an entire research area, and ideally are be concise summaries (< 5000 words) of particularly novel areas of research in ecology.

If an Editor invites the manuscript to be an Austral Award candidate, they will notify the Editor-in-Chief. When the candidates submit their review manuscripts through Scholar1 – – as an Austral Award candidate they should make it clear that they are submitting a review as an invited Austral Award manuscript, and attached the verification email from the Editor.

Inviting Editors can invite no more than three Austral Award manuscripts per calendar year.

At the end of October each year, Austral Award ‘accepted for publication’ submissions will then be assessed by a selection committee to choose the winner and runner-up of the Austral Award for that year. All submissions have the opportunity to appear in Austral Ecology if they are ‘accepted for publication’.

Any queries can be sent to


The winner must have finished her/his PhD no more than five years prior to the deadline (MSc students and PhD students are also eligible). Austral Ecology realizes that life intervenes occasionally, so this cut-off is meant to be a suggestion and not a hard requirement. However, applicants should provide an explanation if they are requesting an exception (e.g. absence due to family leave, dramatic shifts in research area, etc.).