Student Awards

Photo: Richard Wylie

Each year, the ESA offers student prizes, student research awards, travel grants for conference attendance, and a wide range of student prizes at ESA conferences:

ESA Policy on awarding multiple grants or prizes

ESA prefers to spread the available awards across a range of students. Therefore, each person can only win one of the major student prizes. That is, a student who has previously won one of these awards will not be considered for either of the other awards in any year.

Each person can only win a Student Research Award once. Any applications received from people who have previously received a student research award in any year will be declined without review.

A student can be awarded both a Student Research Award and one of the major student prizes, either in the same year, or in different years, provided the funds requested are to cover different costs associated with their project/s.

Having been awarded a student travel grant does not affect eligibility for the major student prizes or the student research awards.