Student Research Awards

2021 Applications will open 1 September 2021 and close 31 October 2021


Postgraduate and honours students conducting ecological research may apply for these Student Research Awards to cover expenses such as field travel, research assistance, equipment or consumables. The maximum individual award is $1,500. Ten awards of up to $1,500 are generally offered in each year.

To be eligible, applicants must be a member of the Society and not have previously won a research award from the Society. In addition, applicants must be studying at an Australian institution and/or conducting a significant part of their research on Australasian ecosystems.

Applications are assessed by two reviewers who rank the applications using the following criteria:

  • Was the significance of the research area/question clearly articulated
  • Was there a clear hypothesis/hypotheses being evaluated?
  • Did the experimental approach (including experimental design) address the hypothesis?
  • Was the method of analysis appropriate to the experimental design and question(s)
  • Were the projected timeline and budget appropriate?

Applicants are also to provide two referees in support of their proposal. Referees should comment on both the quality of student and project. We are interested in distinguishing enthusiastic, independent researchers. Referees don’t have to be independent – it is fine for supervisors to provide references for their students.

Successful applicants will be required to provide a report of their activities for inclusion in the ESA Bulletin.

For further information email Jodi Price: or contact Gail Spina

** The page limit for applications is 4 pages. That is, 2 pages to outline your proposal and budget, including references to relevant literature, and 2 pages for your references (ask your referees to stick to 1 page each).