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We are the ESA’s Quantitative Ecology Research Chapter (QERC). QERC seeks to bring together ecologists who take a mainly quantitative approach to their ecological research. We see quantitative ecology as encompassing developers and users of mathematical, statistical, and computational models, as well as research software written by and for ecologists. As a rough guide, our members generally do more math or coding than field work.

The QERC was formed with aims to:

i) Increase networking opportunities among researchers using quantitative methods within Australia

ii) Increase interactions between quantitative researchers and the broader ecological community, by creating a critical mass of quantitative content within the annual conference of the ESA

iii) Provide training, highlighting the latests quantitative methods available to researchers.

QERC aims to run regular symposia, workshops and social events at conferences (including the ESA annual meeting), as well as specialized standalone workshops and meetings. We’re particularly keen to help Australia’s quantitative ecologists to network and collaborate, and to help ecologists train one another in new quantitative methods.

The QERC was officially launched in 2019 by Daniel Falster, Nick Golding, Jian Yen and Belinda Medlyn. For full information on current events, committee and for further details, see our website at

You can get in touch with the committee at

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Quantitative Ecology Research Chapter

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