Photo: Kristian Bell

The ESA’s Theory of Australian Ecosystems Research Chapter seeks to connect and support researchers across Australia working towards a first-principles understanding of Australian ecosystems. Areas of interest include: population dynamics; community assembly; carbon, water and nutrient cycling, trait-based methods; the distribution of biomes; and evolutionary dynamics. A binding feature across these areas is the search for a first-principles, i.e. mechanistic, understanding of ecosystem dynamics, structure and function. Anyone is welcome, but particularly those developing or testing theory, using mathematical, modeling or empirical approaches.

The Chapter aims to run regular conference symposia, as well as specialized workshops and meetings. Two particular goals for these events are:

  1. Provide regular opportunities for theoretical ecologists in Australia to interact, and
  2. Consider how well first-principles theories apply to and capture Australian ecosystems.

Research Chapter Lead Convenor: Daniel Falster,

Research Chapter Co-Convernors: Belinda Medlyn,

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