Photo: Kristian Bell

Urban Ecology: Research and practice investigating how we can better understand and shape the interplay between people, nature and the environment in cities and towns.

Cities and towns are highly altered landscapes with multiple interacting environmental impacts and large numbers of people. They can represent unique and challenging environments for biodiversity and ecological processes. At the same time, they also offer an important opportunity for people to connect with and develop an appreciation for nature. With 5 billion people predicted to live in urban areas by 2030, this is a growing field of research and practice that will be critical if we wish to develop sustainable and resilient cities now and into the future.

The ESA’s Urban Ecology Research Chapter was established in 2012 during the ESA Conference in Melbourne. The Chapter seeks to connect and support people across Australia who are interested in the research and practice of urban ecology. The Chapter seeks to provide a forum where they can share their experience and knowledge and connect with others who are working on similar or related projects. Our membership consists of students, early career researchers, practitioners, built environment professionals as well academics.

We are actively working to make sure that the activities we undertake support this broad cross-section of our community.

If you would like further information pertaining to this Chapter or to subscribe to our mailing list, please contact Amy Hahs.

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