Richard Wylie

2020 “Ecology in Action” Photography Competition

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

The 2020 ESA photo comp is now closed.

Winners were announced at the ESA2020 Conference and can be found here.

1) ‘Best of the Decade – People’s Choice’ Award. 

2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the Ecological Society of Australia ‘Ecology in Action’ photo competition. To celebrate, we were excited to announce a ‘Best of the Decade – People’s Choice’ category.

This brought together all the place-winning images from the last ten years and the opportunity for ESA members to vote for their favourite images in each category. This included the three categories run every year (Outstanding in the Field; Niches and Hollows; and Beneath Southern Skies) as well as a fourth ‘Miscelleneous’ category for the place winners of categories run only once (A Student’s Life in the Field; Sent from My Mobile; Tasman Linkage; When No-one’s Watching).

The image with the highest number of public votes overall was crowned ‘The Best of the Decade.’

2) ‘Ecology in Isolation’ Category.

The competition aims to highlight the diversity, beauty and interest of the biodiversity and ecosystems of Australia, and the role of ecologists in unravelling their mysteries. However, 2020 threw all sorts of surprises and hurdles our way. As ecologists we had to come up with new ways to do our work, of conducting our research, engaging with the public, and continuing to do what we love. 

We sought a visual exploration of how lockdown or similar restrictions affected how ecologists practiced ecology. Entries could be broad, including anything that shows new, interesting, or even restricted ecological work; from new ways to collaborate online or to collect data, to social distancing restrictions in the bush, to interesting ideas or projects thought of as a result of lockdown. Perhaps of how the environment has changed due to lockdown; how animals and plants have responded to fewer people around our urban areas, or perhaps the opposite – how they have responded to areas where people have flocked to, seeking relief from restrictions and crowds of people. 

Conditions of entry

Images must either be taken in Australia or its territories, or illustrate the work that Australian ecologists are undertaking in other countries.

All entries must be submitted online as jpegs (for details please see the Conditions of Entry below). Photographs will be judged primarily on image quality, including photographic technique, composition and uniqueness, but the quality of the caption will also be taken into account.

Entry is limited to five (5) entries per contestant – you will need to complete a separate submission for each image.

The judges will choose a winner, second and third place-getters, and – where considered merited – may also award a number of Highly Commended awards.