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Hot Topics in Ecology are evidence-based syntheses of topics that are relevant to environmental policy development, land management and to broadening the community's ecological knowledge base. Hot Topics aim to deliver timely, factual overviews that promote the application of scientifically defensible ecological knowledge in public debate.

Each Hot Topic consists of a one-page summary and a data-base of peer-reviewed literature. Arguments put forward in the one-page summary are supported by evidence listed in the literature data-base.

How does contributing a hot topic work? 

  • Suggested hot topics will be reviewed. If the hot topic is relevant and appropriate the contributor will be contacted. 
  • The contributor is expected work with the ESA hot topics group in order to produce a hot topic that is ready for publication and researched to a level meeting the acceptable hot topic standard.
  • The Hot Topic cannot have been published elsewhere. It must be original to the Ecological Society. Each Hot Topic will be assigned a DOI and th six most downloaded Hot Topics each year will be published in Austral Ecology

Please contribute an idea for a hot topic.

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