Partner with us

Photo: Kristian Bell

The ESA welcomes partnerships and supports events and organisations that are aligned with our goals and strategic direction. You can apply to use the ESA logo for your event, for ESA endorsement, or for ESA sponsorship of your local event or activity.

Logo use and endorsement

Displaying the ESA logo is regarded as a distinguished mark of approval by the Australian ecological professional community. To ensure the logo is only provided for high-quality resources, the ESA has a robust endorsement/approval process in place.

There are two levels of ESA approval:

1. Use of the logo for ad hoc events or presentations

If you would like to request approval to use the ESA logo for a one-off event or presentation, please apply via this online form.

2. Long-term endorsement of an organisation, initiative or event

ESA will consider applications to provide continuing endorsement of an organisation, initiative or event through ongoing application of our logo on websites, presentations or promotional material. Please apply via this online form.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

Note: Please allow at least 5 weeks from submission for a decision as ESA Board meets on a monthly basis.

Request for ESA Sponsorship

Each year ESA offers a limited number of grants (of up to $1,500) to support ecology-related local activities, events, and initiatives around Australia.

Application is available to all ESA members via this online form.

If you need any further information, please contact our Executive Officer.