Hot Topics Editorial Board

Hot Topics is governed by an editorial board consisting of ecologists from around Australia.

Chair, Hot Topics Editorial Board

  • A/Prof. Dale Nimmo, Charles Sturt University, NSW

Managing Editor

  • Dr Judith Walters

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Don Driscoll, Deakin University, Vic
  • Dr David Duncan, University of Melbourne, Vic
  • Dr Rodrigo Hamede, University of Tasmania, TAS
  • Dr Brett Murphy, Charles Darwin University, NT
  • Prof. Euan Ritchie, Deakin University, Vic
  • Dr Daniel Rogers, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, SA
  • Dr Christine Schlesinger, Charles Darwin University, NT
  • A/Prof. Peter Vesk, University of Melbourne, Vic
  • Prof. Glenda Wardle, University of Sydney, NSW
  • Dr Holly Kirk, RMIT, Vic
  • Dr Megan Good, The University of Melbourne, Vic
  • Dr Ryan Tangney, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, WA
  • Dr Lizzy Lowe, Macquarie University, NSW
  • Mr Paul Ferraro, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, Vic