Wildlife Ecologist - North-east Australia

Job Description: 

Wildlife Ecologist – North East Australia

Help deliver effective conservation in north-east Australia

AWC is seeking a highly motivated terrestrial ecologist to implement AWC’s science program on wildlife sanctuaries and partnership sites in Queensland and the Northern Territory. The successful candidate will have a PhD in ecology or a related discipline, plus relevant experience.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) protects wildlife across nearly 5 million hectares on a national network of wildlife sanctuaries and partnership sites. On each property, AWC implements conservation and land management programs, informed and supported by AWC’s science team.

AWC currently operates six wildlife sanctuaries in north-east Australia: Pungalina – Seven Emu in the Gulf of Carpentaria, NT; Piccaninny Plains on Cape York Peninsula; Brooklyn and Mount Zero - Taravale in north-east Qld; Curramore in south-east Qld and Bowra in south-west Qld. In addition, AWC collaborates with the Queensland Government to implement conservation and land management on Astrebla-Diamantina National Parks in south-west Queensland and Mt Windsor, Mt Lewis and Mt Spurgeon National Parks in the Wet Tropics. Together, these properties extend over 1,350,000 ha and protect a wide range of habitats from savanna grasslands to montane rainforest.

The primary roles of AWC’s science team are to:

  • Measure the ecological health of AWC’s wildlife sanctuaries and partnership sites;
  • Conduct research on key issues relevant to the conservation of wildlife;
  • Plan, implement and monitor reintroductions (as relevant), and
  • Contribute to the development of conservation and land management strategies.

The position requires a willingness to work away from home for extended periods; a high level understanding of the science and practice of conservation in Australia; advanced skills in wildlife survey; the capacity to work productively with scientists and land managers, strong organisational and interpersonal skills to effectively manage teams of ecologists and volunteers in remote locations; well-developed skills in the analysis, interpretation and communication of ecological data.

The position involves a mix of field and office work.

The position is based in north Queensland (operating out of AWC’s Cairns office) with extended periods in the field.

Enquiries: Richard Seaton, Regional Ecologist North-east Richard.Seaton@australianwildlife.org

Applications: employment@australianwildlife.org

Application to include CV and covering letter, briefly addressing the critical competencies listed in the detailed job description.


Job Location: 
Cairns, Qld
Closing Date: 
Friday, December 14, 2018