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2018 Photo Competition - Winners

2018 Ecology in Action Photo Competition Winners

Outstanding in the Field: Ecologists in Action

1st: Lisa Evans – EYE witnessing nocturnal pollination
2nd: Douglas Gimesy – Looking for cats
3rd: Nicholas Chu – Night spotlight surveys with an alright view

Niches & Hollows: Adaptive Behaviour & Australian Biodiversity

1st (and overall winner): Michal Smielak – The gathering

2nd: Ali Moughnieh – Green Cuckoo Wasp defensive Curl
3rd: Richard Wylie – Introduced

Beneath Southern Skies: Our Unique Australian Landscapes

1st. Kristian Bell – Misty Mountain Falls
2nd. Nathan Emery – Centennial Glen
3rd. Nathan Emery – Evening Fire

A student's life in the field - celebrating 30 years of the Holsworth Endowment

1st. Cees Moens – Get Me Outta Here!
2nd. Michal Smielak – Quollity control
3rd. Alexandra Ross – Sunset Tracking

Portfolio Prize - Kristian Bell