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Have your say - Open Policy Consultations

The ESA encourages its members to engage with policy development and consultation processes, to help promote the application of ecological principles and science in decision-making and natural resource management processes.

This page will list details of open policy consultations that may be of interest to ESA members. If you want to make a submission to any of the consultations but aren't sure how to go about this, please contact the VP (Public Policy and Outreach) Dr Bek Christensen. You can also view past submissions prepared by the ESA's Policy WG.


Current submissions

Funding models for threatened species management: design and monitoring - submissions due 23 October 2017
The Australian National Audit Office is assessing the effectiveness of the Department of the Environment and Energy’s design of the Threatened Species Prospectus, specifically asking:
1. Was an appropriate design process established to support the achievement of the Government’s objectives?
2. Was a sound performance measurement and reporting framework established, including robust performance monitoring, reporting and evaluation arrangements?
To contribute to this audit, please click here

Framework for Investing in Environmental Activities - submissions due 30 November 2017
The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has released a Discussion Paper - Development of a Framework for Investing in Environmental Activities and is seeking feedback on what type of environmental activities the community would like to be considered when developing a framework for future investments. To read the Discussion Paper and find instructions for making a submission, click here