New Offers to ESA Members from Wiley-Blackwell

In an agreement reached with Blackwell Publishing Asia, Blackwell is offering free access to some of their journals, discounts on books, and sponsorship for student prizes. Details below....

Blackwell Journals linked to the ESA Website

Blackwell Publishing Asia is offering ESA members free access to journals for limited periods of time. This will be via the secure members' area of the ESA website. The first journal that will be linked to the ESA website will be Ecology Letters. This journal has been linked first because ESA members are already entitled to a discounted rate. ESA members may subscribe online via the Ecology Letters homepage.   Other Journals will be added over the next two years.

Sponsorship to ESA

Blackwell Publishing have offered to sponsor ESA activities as follows:

  • Blackwell Student Fellowships to cover the costs of up to five student members attending the Society Annual General Meeting.
  • Blackwell Student Prizes: Blackwell books and journals to the value of $2,500 to be awarded as student prizes according to criteria determined by the Society.

Blackwell Books Discount

ESA Members are entitled to a 15% discount on Blackwell’s books.  A code and link to the Blackwell website from the ESA secure member’s site will be established. ESA members will be able to order books direct from Blackwell with the discount code.

AE Associate Editors and Referees

As a bonus to Austral Ecology Associate Editors and Referees, they will receive the following: Associate Editors will be given free electronic access to a selection of ecology journals published by Blackwell. Access will be provided from January 2005. Associate Editors are also entitled to a 30% discount on Blackwell books, the discount code will be provided in the ESA secure site. Referees will receive a voucher for a 30% discount on a Blackwell book for each report that they return for a manuscript.