Working Groups

In order to meet the objectives of the Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) Strategic Plan, and maximise the success of the Society in meeting its aims, a series of Working Groups have been established to help get things done!

Each group has a specific focus or function such as a new initiative or strategy, event or award, or a standing administrative role, and consists of a small number of ESA Board members, staff and/or ordinary ESA members, who want to get involved with their Society in an area of interest, and make things happen.

Each group works under terms of reference developed by the Group and approved by the ESA Board. Some Working Groups are permanently operating e.g. Finance, Conference, Media etc, while others may only come together for a short time to get a new initiative, program or event off the ground.

All Society members are invited to participate in a Working Group where they feel they have a strong interest or have some ideas or skills to contribute. We also welcome suggestions on potential Working Groups that members feel may be of value to the Society's aims. More information on current Groups and structure can be found below.

Please contact our Executive Officer if you would like to join a Group or have any feedback.

Working Group information

Working Groups

If you are interested in becoming involved in a working group you can nominate online or contact the ESA Executive Officer for more information.