Indigenous engagement working group

Indigenous engagement working group chair:

Gerry Turpin

Jerry Turpin Indigenous Engagement Working Group ESA







Noel Preece, ESA Ordinary Board member

Emilie Ens

Oliver Costello

George Wilson

Leah Talbot

Conrad Bilney

Cass Hunter

Gail Spina, ESA Executive Officer


The overall Indigenous Engagement (IE) Working Group objectives are:

  • Develop a broad strategy for support and development of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge structures for implementation under the umbrella of the Society; 
  • Advise the ESA Board on Indigenous Engagement opportunities and priorities;
  • Advise the Board of potential funding or sponsorship partnerships to progress IE initiatives.;
  • Establish an active indigenous scientists network and/or Research Chapter;
  • Co-ordinate the annual Indigenous Symposium & Indigenous Plenary in collaboration with the Conference Committee.

Detailed terms of reference