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"Ecology in Action" 2017

Next Generation Award winner

Congratulations to Dr Westgate who recently received the 2017 Wiley Next Generation Ecologist Award for his work, which includes a $3000 professional development gran

2018 Science and Innovation Awards

Grants to realise big ideas for agriculture from young rural innovators

Word games to help scientists save animals from extinction

A Canberra researcher is developing a way for scientists to keep up with the ever-increasing number of academic papers.

Threatened Species Recovery Forum - 4 October 2017

The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand in collaboration with the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Programme Threatened Species Recovery Hub is convening a one-day forum featuring a range of presentations about the latest spatial information, population data,

Early Career Ecologist Twitter Symposium Program

Early Career Ecologist Twitter Symposium #ECEcol17 - 16 August 2017 between 7-9pm AEST.

Putting ecology to work in a changing world. Join in the discussion.

Six Australian cold weather frogs and their weird mating calls

Amphibians have been remarkably slow to take up smartphone-based dating services, preferring instead to stick to time-honoured traditions like "sitting near a body of water and yelling".

Invitation to Participate in the Recent Ecological Change in Australia Project

Over the past century, average land surface temperatures have risen by almost 1° C across the Australian continent. Models suggest this may have already had significant impacts on Australia’s ecosystems and biodiversity, but these impacts have not been systematically investigated. 

Inaugural ESA/INNGE Early Career Ecologist Twitter symposium!

‘Putting ecology to work in a changing world’ #ECEcol17

16 August 2017 from 7-9 pm AEST (UTC +10)

Are you an Early Career Ecologist (ECE) keen to share your research without leaving your desk?