2017 Australian Ecology Research Award lecture

Dr Richard Fuller

The 2017 Australian Ecology Research Award lecture will be delivered by Dr Richard Fuller at EcoTas17, the joint conference of the Ecological Society of Australia and the New Zealand Ecological Society in Pokolbin, Hunter Valley, NSW in November 2017.

Richard Fuller has been recognised for his contribution to Australian ecology through his highly influential research programme on migratory species, focused on Australia’s migratory shorebirds as an empirical study system. The work has been globally recognized for the scale and importance of this collaborative research programme  and exceptional scientific quality. Richard’s research findings have gone on to directly inform conservation policy and action around Australia and throughout the East Asian-Australasian flyway.  

Dr Fuller is based at University of Queensland where he works on pure and applied questions in biodiversity and conservation, spanning the fields of biogeography, conservation planning, conservation psychology and urban ecology. Much of his work is interdisciplinary, focusing on the interactions between people and nature, how these can be enhanced, and how these relationships can be shaped to converge on coherent solutions to the biodiversity crisis. Recent research topics include predicting the consequences of urbanisation on biodiversity and human quality of life in south-east Queensland, investigating patterns of contagion in global habitat destruction, working out how best to expand Australia's protected area system, and prioritising habitats for restoration.