2018 David Syme Research Prize

Nominations for the 2018 David Syme Research Prize are now open. The award recognises the best original research in Biology, Physics, Chemistry or Geology produced in Australia by a mid-career researcher during the past two years.

Value: approx. $8,000

Closing date: Friday 27 April 2018

Key conditions are:

  • The  prize is made by nomination only. Senior members of the academic or research community such as co-authors or co-researchers, heads of department or deputy vice-chancellors (research) are invited to nominate eligible colleagues.
  • Researchers associated with any Australian university and researchers without university connections are eligible for nomination.

The following are not eligible for nomination:

– Professors or researchers who will have attained the position of professor at the time the award is made;

– Researchers outside universities who will have attained a level of seniority comparable to a university professor at the time the award is made (LEVEL E);

– Researchers who have not spent the equivalent of at least 5 full years of the last 7 in Australia.

  • The award is made on the basis of the research quality within the discipline and its likely impact and value in the industrial and commercial interests of Australia.

Nomination requirements and cover sheet are attached. Please also see the Faculty of Science Awards website: Open for Application, and select ‘DavidSyme Research Prize’.

Nominations and enquiries should be directed to: Linda Richardson; T: 8344 5949; E:

More details & apply