Call for nominations

IPBES (the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) has announced the call for nominations to serve as experts on its upcoming assessments reports.

Nominations are welcome for two upcoming assessments: 

  1. A methodological assessment regarding the diverse conceptualisation of multiple values of nature and its benefits; and 
  2. A thematic assessment of the sustainable use of wild species.

As an active member of the IPBES stakeholder group, SCB recognises and welcomes the contributions that our membership have and will continue to make to IPBES assessments. SCB is able to directly nominate experts for these assessments, and we also can connect you with your national government focal point for national nominations.

If you are interested, please see below, and contact Carolyn Lundquist ( or Bege Jonsson (members of SCB’s IPBES Policy subcommittee) for further information. 

Please note that in particular, experts from social science and humanities, indigenous and local knowledge, and policy experts and practitioners are highlighted as key areas (in addition to nominations of experts in the natural sciences disciplines).  

The IPBES announcement further highlights the following subdisciplines: ecological and environmental economics, environmental and sustainability sciences, environmental ethics and philosophy, environmental sociology and anthropology, environmental psychology and behavioral science, environmental history, science and technology studies, political ecology, human geography, human ecology, cultural ecology, environmental policy and law, political sciences and trade, and from other fields related to integrative approaches to human-nature relations and linking knowledge to policy and practice.

For more information, read the IPBES Call for Nominations or see the IPBES website (