Welcome to ESA's new Book Review Editor – Maggie Watson!

New book review editor

After an incredible 9 years (yes 9 years!!!) in the role of Book Review Editor for Austral Ecology, Pep Turner is stepping down to take on the role of Editorial Board Chair of Ecological Management & Restoration. Dr Maggie J Watson has now stepped into the role and took over the reins in May 2018. Maggie is a Lecturer in the School of Environmental Sciences at Charles Sturt University where she teaches Ornithology and Conservation Biology subjects at the post-graduate level.

She was previously a member of the School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Charles Sturt University, as well as a qualified science teacher both in the USA and NSW. Her research interests are primarily related to the effects of parasites and other symbionts on the life-history strategies of hosts and has published and presented a number of articles in this field. Maggie is also a serving executive board member for the Petaurus Education Group which develops and creates ecology-based educational materials for primary and secondary schools.  

Maggie is looking forward to continuing Pep Turner’s excellent editorial work, especially finding just the right reviewer for each book. Most importantly, as an educator, she hopes to encourage PhD students and ECRs to write reviews of books. Secretly, as a true bibliophile, she is eager to get her hands on all the great new and exciting ecological books that pass over the desk of the book reviews editor.

Maggie can be contacted via email: books@ecolsoc.org.au