Photo: Kristian Bell

2020 Student Research Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students who have each been awarded an ESA Student Research Award:

Manuel Lequerica (PhD at University of Sydney) – Responses of hoverfly diversity and abundance to landscape and local attributes of urban greenspaces

Patrick Williams (Masters of Science by Research at Edith Cowan University) – A burning issue: resolving the role of fire in the decline of a threatened savannah bird

Nikolas Willmott (PhD at University of Melbourne) – Exploring the gut microbiomes of Australian spiders in response to urban stressors

Samantha Andres (PhD at Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment) – Investigating the drivers of dieback and decline in the landscape, for an endangered Australian shrub

Zoe Xirocostas (PhD at University of New South Wales) – Predicting which introduced plant species experience enemy release

Kaitlyn Spooner (Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability Advanced Honours at Australian National University) – Nest site preferences of the jacky winters: the role of nest site selection in adapting to extreme heat

Joshua Lee (Bachelor of Advanced Science Honours at University of New South Wales) – Comparison of bird communities in rainforest and dry sclerophyll forests after the 2019-20 bushfires

Giancarlo Chiarenza (PhD at University of New South Wales) – Why some leaves are blushing while they’re flushing: Understanding large scale patterns in the colour of young leaves

Kelly Williams (PhD at La Trobe University) – Will bold or shy wallabies achieve higher fitness after a reintroduction? Consequences for threatened species conservation

Jack Orford (PhD at Monash University) – Impacts of the agricultural pollutant 17β-trenbolone on frog development and behaviour

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