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Peter Fairweather Student Conference Support Award

About the award:

This award is open to students who will present either an oral or poster presentation at the Ecological Society of Australia conference each year and can be used to support their travel, registration or accommodation at the conference.

Funding the award:

The award will be funded by donations from friends and colleagues of the late Prof Peter Fairweather. Once the fund is established, it will be advertised through ESA and other forums calling for contributions. An initial contribution from the proponent of this award (GQ) will seed the fund.

Amount of the award:

The annual allocation will depend on the final amount in the fund but an annual award of approximately $600 is expected.

Applications will be ranked based on:

  1. Relevance and clarity of the link(s) between ecological research and management/policy– demonstrating how the results of the research have been or could be used to guide environmental policy or management decisions.
  2. Quality and novelty of the ecological research underpinning the links to management/policy.

Applications will be judged by a small panel of Peter’s colleagues and ESA members: Prof Gerry Quinn, Assoc Prof Rebecca Lester. Prof Ralph Mac Nally.

To donate towards the award, click here.


About Peter Fairweather:

The Peter Fairweather Grant to support a student attending and presenting at the annual Ecological Society of Australia Conference is named in honour of Professor Peter G Fairweather who passed away in 2020. Peter was an esteemed aquatic ecologist whose later work focused on the important contribution ecological research made to environmental policy and management. He was passionate about supporting postgraduate students to attend conferences to present their ecological research. Peter also had significant roles within ESA, serving as one of three Receiving Editors of the Australian Journal of Ecology (Austral Ecology) for many years and he also served a term as President of ESA.

Proposed by:

Prof Gerry Quinn

Honorary Professor

Deakin University

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