PhD scholarships in urban greening / urban ecology

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Closing Date: 
Thursday, October 5, 2017

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate for the Green Cities ­ Which Plant Where Project. The Which Plant Where Project (WPW) is a five-year program that brings together a
consortium of researchers, government agencies, industry partners and nursery growers to facilitate resilient urban green spaces across Australia.
The collaborative team will align science with industry experience to develop tools and resources that will facilitate optimal plant selection for urban green spaces across Australia,
while providing multiple co-benefits for our cities and its inhabitants. Examples of potential topics may include:

plant responses to environmental stress;
urban green infrastructure;
biodiversity in urban areas;
urban ecology;
climate change adaptation;
ecosystem services;
human health.

Applications are open to international candidates as well as Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia. The student will be based within the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University and depending on the selected project the student will work under the supervision of Professor Michelle Leishman, Professor Lesley Hughes, Dr Linda
Beaumont, Dr Rachael Gallagher or Dr Alessandro Ossola. Additional project support is available as well as collaborative opportunities within the consortium.

All enquiries to Professor Michelle Leishman: