Online Exhibition - Kristian Bell

Kristian Bell

Kristian Bell

Born in Florida, raised on the tiny island of Jersey, UK and educated in Australia, Kristian has always made the most of his surroundings and immersed himself in nature wherever he is based. Despite currently working an executive position in corporate aviation Kristian has always maintained a keen interest in the natural world.

That interest led Kris to study marine biology at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville, and a chance encounter with a water python one evening fuelled Kris’ passion for herpetology, a passion which eventually culminated in a Masters degree in ecology and authorship on several scientific papers. Kris later worked as a research assistant at Sydney University under Professor Rick Shine, who continues to do excellent work attempting to mitigate the impact of invasive cane toads in Australia.

Kris took up photography while undertaking a radio-tracking study to document all the incredible animals that crossed his path but truth be told, taking pictures has always been his least fun part of being amongst nature, as it almost invariably involves wielding heavy, expensive equipment and contorting into all sorts of positions in wet, damp and dark crevices to get an interesting photo. The really fun part for Kris is being out in beautiful habitat with the thrill of looking for (and very occasionally finding) cool animals. 

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