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Hot Topics in Ecology are evidence-based syntheses of topics that are relevant to environmental policy development, land management and to broadening the community's ecological knowledge base.

Photo: Kristian Bell
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The impacts of heatwaves on Australia’s wildlife

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Heatwaves are predicted to increase in frequency, duration and intensity in Australia. Although brief, they….... Read more

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Ongoing destruction of critical rock habitat threatens biodiversity

Friday, 10 July 2020

Rocky outcrops are recognised globally as biological hotspots of endemic plants and animals, but their….... Read more

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The ecological, ethical and economic evidence for removing feral horses from Australia’s alpine environments

Thursday, 2 July 2020

The evidence shows that maintaining feral horse populations is inconsistent with biodiversity conservation. By degrading….... Read more

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Australia’s species extinction crisis in numbers: 2019

Monday, 23 December 2019

100 Australian species are listed as extinct since European colonisation Further extinctions are predicted in….... Read more