Ecological Management and Restoration (EMR)

Ecological Management and Restoration (EMR)

A journal linking science and practice.

Ecological Management and Restoration (EMR) aims to bridge the gap between the ecologist's perspective and field manager's experience.

This innovative new journal combines a highly readable style with scientifically credible material. EMR answers the growing need among land managers for reliable, relevant information and acknowledges the need for two-way communication in devising new hypotheses, sound experimentation, effective treatments and reliable monitoring. Original contributions are encouraged from both scientists and practitioners on a wide range of geographic and subject areas.

Topic areas include:

Improved management and restoration of plant communities, fauna and habitat; coastal, marine and riparian zones; restoration ethics and philosophy; planning; monitoring and assessment; policy and legislation; landscape pattern and design; integrated ecosystems management; socio-economic issues and solutions; techniques and methodology; threatened species; genetic issues; indigenous land management; weeds and feral animal control; landscape arts and aesthetics; education and communication; community involvement.

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Ecological Management and Restoration is published by Wiley-Blackwell

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