Research institutions in Australia

Ecology labs Australia wide

ESA provides the following links to ecology labs around the country as a service to members and interested browsers. It is intended as a central reference to the wide range of ecologically related scientific workplaces around the country, as both a career reference and networking tool.

If you would like to include your website on this page, please email us with your request at:  ExecutiveOfficer@ecolsoc.org.au


Macroecological Modelling Team, CSIRO, Canberra:  


Insect Ecology Lab (Dieter Hochuli), University of Sydney. http://www.bio.usyd.edu.au/hochuli/hochlab.htm

Insect Ecology Lab (Nigel Andrew) University of New England. https://insectecology.une.edu.au/

Institute for Conservation Biology and Environmental Management (Director, Andy Davis)  University of Wollongong. http://smah.uow.edu.au/icb/index.html

Life, Earth and Environment research group, University of New England Web Link

Terrestrial Ecology Group (Kris French), University of Wollongong: http://www.uow.edu.au/science/biol/staff/kris/kris.html

Research and Development Division, State Forests of NSW: http://www.forest.nsw.gov.au/research/default.asp

Westoby Lab, (Mark Westoby), Macquarie University: http://www.bio.mq.edu.au/ecology/

Plant-Insect Interactions and Climate Change Ecology Group (Lesley Hughes), Macquarie University http://bio.mq.edu.au/research/groups/piccel//lhughes.html

Plant Invasion and Restoration Ecology Group (Michelle Leishman) Macquarie University http://bio.mq.edu.au/research/groups/pirel//index.html

Behavioural Ecology Group (Marie Herberstein) Macquarie University http://bio.mq.edu.au/research/groups/behaviouralecology//

Wetland Ecology Group, Monash University. www.wetland-ecology.info/




Spatial Ecology Lab, (Hugh Possingham), University of Queensland Headed by  http://www.uq.edu.au/spatialecology/



Applied Forest Ecology Group (Sue Baker), University of Tasmania


Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University.

Conservation in Production Environmentshttp://www.gippsland.monash.edu.au/science/   Monash University's Gippsland Campus, within the School of Applied Sciences

Fire Ecology and Biodiversity Lab (Alan York), University of Melbourne http://land-environment.unimelb.edu.au/research/research-groups/fire-ecology-and-biodiversity/index.html

Insect Ecology Lab (Heloise Gibb), LaTrobe University. http://www.latrobe.edu.au/zoology/research/specialisations/insect-ecology

Quantitative & Applied Ecology Group (Mick McCarthy, Peter Vesk, Brendan Wintle, Kirsten Parris), University of Melbourne, School of Botany & Ecology :  www.qaeco.com

TechnEcology Research Network, Deakin University. A cross disciplinary collaboration taking new technology for monitoring wildlife to citizen scientists.