Student Research Awards - past winners

Winners of the 2013 Student Research Awards:


Congratulations to the following people, who were granted an ESA Student Research Award (of up to $1500):
Name Institution Project Title

Elizabeth Lowe

University of Sydney

The effect of temperature, predator and prey abundance on the morphology of spiders in urban areas and their behavioural responses along an urban rural gradient

Giulia Ghedini

University of Adelaide

Providing local managers with the most effective strategies to avoid and reverse loss of kelp forests  

Rohan Brooker

James Cook University

You are what you eat: diet-induced chemical camouflage in reef fishes

Andrew Letten

University of New South Wales

Do herbaceous species segregate along fine-scale hydrological gradients and does temporal variability along fine-scale hydrological gradients promote species coexistence?

Marcus Michelangeli

Monash University The role of personality on the success of an invasive lizard

Rachel Slatyer

University of Melbourne

Impacts of reduced snow cover on alpine arthropods

Sarsha Gorissen

University of Sydney

Conserving the endangered fauna of highland swamps

Stephanie Pulsford

Australian National University

Encouraging movement of poor dispersers in grazing landscapes

Nadine Nolan

Queensland University of Technology

Ecological impacts of myrtle rust on flora and fauna in Myrtaceae dominated ecosystems

Katharina Peters

Flinders University

Hybridisation and parasitism in Darwin's Finches