The Tasman Linkage - connecting the New Zealand Ecological Society with ESA

In order to foster links between the New Zealand Ecological Society and the Ecological Society of Australia, the two societys have agreed to provide a discount on membership fees to join the other Society.  A member of the ESA receives the NZ concessionary rate.  For Tasman Linkagemembers, the electronic version of the New Zealand Journal of Ecology will be provided.  Member still have access to printed versions of  Austral Ecology.  Tasman Linkage members would need to pay full members rates to attend the conference if they are earning an income. No concessionary rates will apply.  The Tasman Linkage only applies to full members  as students already have access to concessionary rates.

The ESA will invite the Te Tohu Taiao award winner from previous year to present a 30 minute talk at the Annual Cconference. The ESA will provide travel, accommodation at a standard hotel rate and conference registration for this person for the duration of the conference.  Similarly our AERA or Gold medal winner will also be invited to attend the NZES conference.

If you would like to join the NZES you find out about membership on their website