Wiley Next Generation Ecologist Award – Past Winners

2020, Laura Brannelly, The University of Melbourne

What do frogs need to survive 2020 and beyond? Read more about her project here.

2019, Caragh Threlfall, The University of Melbourne

Benchmarking the effectiveness of urban habitat restoration via a national research collaboration network. Find out more.

2018, Ayesha Tulloch, The University of Sydney

Iterative ecological forecasting to inform current and near-future management decisions. Find out more.

2017, Dr Martin Westgate, Australian National University

Mainstreaming text mining for rapid synthesis of biodiversity science. Find out more.

2016, Dale Nimmo of Charles Sturt University

Can Indigenous fire regimes forestall an extinction crisis? Find out more.

2015, Daniel Falster,  Macquarie University

Using maths, computer models, and large data sets to test fundamental ideas about the processes shaping forest communities. Find out more.