Corporate Membership

Corporate membership offers non-academic organisations a discount on membership fees for their employees. Staff gain full member benefits alongside some additional benefits for the organisation.

The Corporate Membership Package includes:

For each member named in the package:

For the organisation: 

  • Acknowledgement as a Corporate Member on the ESA website
  • Corporate Member ‘E-badge’ for use on your website or email
  • One free job advertisements/year via ESA website & e-news


The discount applied depends on the number of members belonging to the corporate membership:

  • Companies with up to 5 employee members will receive a 10% discount per person
  • For companies with between 6 – 10 employee members will receive a 15% discount per person
  • Companies with over 10 employee members will receive a 20% discount per person

Each person attached to the corporate membership must still apply as an individual member, and their membership application will be assessed individually. A primary contact must be nominated for the corporate membership. This will be the contact person regarding applications, payment and renewals.

Applications for corporate membership can be made online.

More information: contact the ESA Membership Officer (

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