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Scientists’ Declaration: Strong legislation needed to curb Australia’s accelerating rate of land clearing

Australia remains a global deforestation hotspot(1).

Eastern Australia has recently experienced unusually intense fires, and much of the region is drought affected. Large-scale clearing of woody native vegetation contributes to increased fire risk by exacerbating climate change through carbon emissions and increasing the severity and duration of droughts through changes in local and regional climates (2–4).

In the past, New South Wales and Queensland have had stronger laws to protect native vegetation, and they worked: rates of land-clearing fell significantly. But these laws have been relaxed in the last decade and rates of land clearing are increasing as a result (5–7). Some other states still lack integrated, cohesive state legislation protecting native vegetation from land-clearing and there is limited Commonwealth oversight.

The cost to society of repairing and countering the negative effects of excessive native vegetation clearing, through restoration and replanting, is substantial.

Australian tax payers have spent $2.55 billion to fund carbon abatement activities including planting trees under the Emissions Reduction Fund. This abatement will be nullified by the recent increase in emissions from land clearing in Australia. The cost of replanting woodland is up to $20,000 per hectare and that of restoring tropical rainforest $20,000-30,000 per hectare. These investments only partially re-establish biodiversity and ecological function after 2-3 decades (8–10). Retaining native vegetation avoids these costs.

Avoiding large-scale land clearing is essential to reducing harm to industry, society and native flora and fauna (11). Australia continues to record increasing numbers of threatened species, often exacerbated by threat of land clearing (12–14). Native vegetation protects soil integrity, water quality in freshwater and marine systems, stabilizes local climate, and supports native wildlife, which in turn provide crucial ecosystem services that support agricultural production (15–19).

Today, scientists call upon Australian governments at all levels to return to, or pass new, effective legislation, supported by sound regulations, to protect native vegetation from broad-scale land-clearing. We call for the prevention of a return to damaging high rates of woodland and forest destruction, to protect society, industry, and our unique biodiversity for future generations.


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Scientist signatories


  1. Dr Andrea Griffin, Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle
  2. Prof Martine Maron, ARC Future Fellow, University of Queensland
  3. Prof Lesley Hughes, Distinguished Professor in Botany Macquarie University
  4. Prof Chris Dickman, Professor in Terrestrial Ecology, The University of Sydney
  5. Prof Richard Kingsford, Director of Centre for Ecosystem Science, University of New South Wales
  6. Matt W. Hayward, Associate Professor of Conservation Biology, University of Newcastle
  7. Prof Tim Flannery, Honorary Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne
  8. John Evans, Professor, Australian National University
  9. Professor Kingsley Dixon, John Curtin Distinguished Professor, Curtin University
  10. Erik Wapstra, Associate Professor, Evolutionary Ecology, University of Tasmania
  11. Dr John Morgan, Lecturer in Plant Ecology, La Trobe University
  12. Louise Gilfedder, Associate Terrestrial Ecologist, University of Tasmania
  13. Vera Weisbecker, President, Australian Mammal Society
  14. Don Driscoll, President Ecological Society of Australia, Professor of Terrestrial Ecology, Deakin University and Ecological Society of Australia
  15. April Reside, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland
  16. Dr Geoffrey Wescott, Honorary Reserch Fellow, Deakin University
  17. Dr Michalis Hadjikakou, Research Fellow, Deakin University
  18. John A. Endler, Professor and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Scineces, Deakin University and James Cook University
  19. Andrew T.D. Bennett, Professor, Deakin University
  20. Mike Weston, Deakin University
  21. Dr Anita Chalmers, Lecturer in Sustainable Resource Management, The University of Newcastle
  22. Leanda Mason, Research Associate, Curtin University
  23. Nick Porch, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Earth Science, Deakin University
  24. Georgia Garrard, Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University
  25. Euan Ritchie, Associate Professor in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Deakin University
  26. Maggie Watson, Lecturer, Charles Sturt University
  27. Benjamin Allen, Senior Research Fellow, University of Southern Queensland
  28. Jennifer Firn, Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology
  29. Dr Grant Hamilton, Senior Lecturer, QUT
  30. Max De Antoni, research associate, Queensland University of Technology
  31. Adam Cardilini, Teaching Scholar/Associate Lecturer, Deakin University
  32. Dejan Stojanovic, Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian National University
  33. Peter Biro, Associate Professor, Deakin University
  34. Dr Claire Runge, Sustainability Research Fellow, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  35. Jon Woodhead, ARC Laureate Fellow, The University of Melbourne
  36. Dr Emma Razeng, Research and Teaching Associate, Monash University
  37. Dr Mathew Hardy, Research Officer, RMIT University
  38. Dr LJ Boscacci, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Wollongong
  39. Perpetua Turner, Honorary Associate, University of Tasmania
  40. Dr Tim Doherty, Research Fellow, Deakin University
  41. Susanna Venn, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University
  42. Ayesha Tulloch, ARC DECRA Fellow, University of Sydney
  43. Dr Luke O’Loughlin, Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian National University
  44. Mylene M Mariette, ARC DECRA research fellow, Deakin University
  45. Libby Robin, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University
  46. Frances Flanagan, University of Sydney Fellow, University of Sydney
  47. Jayden Engert, Research Assistant, James Cook University
  48. Kate Buchanan, Professor, Deakin University
  49. Mark Westoby, Prof Emeritus, Macquarie University
  50. Anita Smyth, Visiting Fellow, The University of Adelaide
  51. William F. Laurance, Distinguished Professor, James Cook University
  52. Professor Steve Turton, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Geography, Central Queensland University
  53. Sarah Bekessy, Professor, ARC Future Fellow, RMIT University
  54. Prof Stuart Bunn, Director, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University
  55. Kate Buchanan, Professor, Deakin University
  56. Heloise Gibb, Associate Professor, La Trobe University
  57. Dieter Hochuli, Associate Professor, The University of Sydney
  58. Megan Barnes, Research Fellow, The University of Queensland
  59. Professor James Watson, Director, Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, University of Queensland
  60. Reid Tingley, Lecturer, Monash University
  61. Andy Baker, Researcher, Southern Cross University
  62. Robert Davis, Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowan University
  63. Dr James Radford, Principal Research Fellow, La Trobe University
  64. Dr Bek Christensen, Vice-President, Ecological Society of Australia
  65. Catherine Lovelock, Professor, The University of Queensland
  66. Adela Harvey, Lecturer, La Trobe University, Melbourne
  67. Vanessa Adams, Senior Lecturer, Conservation and Planning, University of Tasmania
  68. Richard Shine, Professor in Biology, Macquarie University
  69. Kaya Klop-Toker, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Newcastle
  70. Nigel Stace, Project Officer, CRC CARE, University of Newcastle
  71. Tim Roberts, Emeritus Professor of Biology, University of Newcastle
  72. Dr Anna Scott, Senior Lecturer, Southern Cross University
  73. Catherine Price, Postdoctoral Researcher, Sydney University
  74. Chad Beranek, Ecological Scientist, University of Newcastle
  75. Tim Cohen, Associate Professor, University of Wollongong
  76. Diana Fisher, Associate Professor, The University of Queensland
  77. Prof. Michael Archer AM, Professor of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of New South Wales
  78. Stephen Bonser, Associate Professor, UNSW Sydney
  79. Matthew Bulbert, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
  80. Kate Umbers, Senior Lecturer in Zoology, Western Sydney University
  81. David Kennedy, Director, Office for Environmental Programs, The University of Melbourne
  82. Russell Drysdale, Associate Professor and Reader, University of Melbourne
  83. Darren Hocking, LTO, University of Melbourne, School of Geography
  84. Rachel Hughes, Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
  85. Karina Sorrell, Research Assistant, University of Melbourne
  86. Paul Boon, Honorary Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne
  87. Peter Spooner, Associate Professor, Charles Sturt University
  88. Richard Hobbs, Professor, University of Western Australia
  89. David M Watson, Professor of Ecology, Charles Sturt University
  90. Andy Le Brocque, Associate Professor (Ecology & Sustainability), University of Southern Queensland
  91. Mark Hall, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University
  92. William Stock, Professor, Edith Cowan University
  93. Jose M. Facelli, Associate Professor, The University of Adelaide
  94. David Gillieson, Honorary Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne
  95. Nathalie Butt, Researcher, The University of Queensland
  96. Aaron Greenville, Lecturer, The University of Sydney
  97. Dr Justin A. Welbergen, President, Australasian Bat Society
  98. Hans Lambers, Emeritus Professor Plant Ecology, University of Western Australia
  99. Uffe N Nielsen, Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University
  100. Cayne Layton, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
  101. Ian Wright, Professor, Macquarie University
  102. Keith Christian, Professor – Environmental Science, Charles Darwin University
  103. Lachlan Charles, Postdoctoral researcher, University of California Riverside
  104. David Keith, Professor of Botany, University of NSW
  105. Dr Thomas Newsome, Academic Fellow, The University of Sydney
  106. Dominique Potvin, Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast
  107. Giles Hardy, Professor Forest Pathology, Murdoch University
  108. Christa Beckmann, Lecturer in Biology, Western Sydney University
  109. Skye Cameron, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland
  110. Siegy Krauss, Adjunct Professor, University of Western Australia
  111. Glen Bann, Fellow, University of Wollongong
  112. Dr Hayley Bates, Lecturer, UNSW Sydney
  113. Dr Fran Humphries, Senior Research Fellow, Griffith University
  114. Dr David Tierney, Research Assocaite, University of Sydney
  115. Ben Moore, Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University
  116. John Martin, Adjunct Lecturer, UNSW
  117. Dagmar Meyer Steiger, Research Fellow, James Cook University Cairns
  118. Dr Philip Zylstra, Fesearch Fellow – fire and fauna modelling, University of Wollongong
  119. Paul McDonald, Associate Professor of Animal Behaviour, University of New England
  120. Professor Richard Fuller, Professor, University of Queensland
  121. Pierre Horwitz, Professor, Edith Cowan University
  122. James Baxter-Gilbert, Researcher, Stellenbosch University
  123. John T. Hunter, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of New England
  124. Barry Fox, Honorary Visiting Professor, University of New South Wales
  125. Dr John Pickard BScAgr MSc PhD PhD, Honorary Associate, Macquarie University
  126. John Bailey, Emeritus Professor in Environmental Science, Murdoch University
  127. Sue Gould, Adjunct Research Fellow, Griffith Climate Change Response Program
  128. Alison Peel, Senior Research Fellow, Griffith University
  129. Rachael Nolan, Lecturer, Western Sydney University
  130. Darren Crayn, Professor and Director, Australian Tropical Herbarium, James Cook University
  131. Dr Pia Lentini, Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne
  132. Philip Ladd, Retired, Murdoch University
  133. Prof Brendan Mackey, DIrector Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Griffith University
  134. Dr Leigh Martin, Scholarly Teaching Fellow, University of Technology Sydney
  135. Professor Don Bradshaw, Senior Honorary Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
  136. Chris Johnson, Professor of Wildlife Conservation, University of Tasmania
  137. Stephen D. Hopper AC, Professor of Biodiversity, The University of Western Australia
  138. Robert Kooyman, Hon. Research Fellow, Macquarie University
  139. Belinda Medlyn, Professor, Western Sydney University
  140. Rebecca Wheatley, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
  141. David Bissell, Associate Professor of Geography, The University of Melbourne
  142. Dr. Mike Perring, Adjunct Researcher, The University of Western Australia
  143. Graham Fulton, Editor Pacific Conservation Biology & Research Fellow The university of Sydney, Murdoch University
  144. Dr Nick Schultz, Lecturer, Federation University Australia
  145. Professor Jenny Davis, Co-Director, Research Institute for Environment and Livelihoods, College of Engineering, IT and Environment, Charles Darwin University
  146. Glenda Wardle, Professor of Evology and Evolution, The University of Sydney
  147. Dr geoff macfarlane, Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle
  148. David Paton AM, Associate Professor, University of Adelaide
  149. Nicole Mcmullen, Associate Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast
  150. Dr Emma McIntosh, Conservation Scientist, University of Oxford
  151. Anthony J Bebbington, Australia Laureate Fellow, Professor, University of Melbourne
  152. Professor David Goldney AM, Adjunct Professor, Charles Sturt University
  153. Dr Jill Lancaster, Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
  154. Dr Stephen Bell, Conjoint Fellow, University of Newcastle
  155. Liz Cameron, Prof. Director Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University
  156. Jeff Powell, Associate Professor, Western Sydney University
  157. Dr Sarah Hill, Research Fellow, University of New England, Armidale
  158. Dr Ian Lunt, Adjunct Associate Professor, Institute for Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University
  159. Manu Saunders, Research Fellow (Ecology), University of New England
  160. Christopher MacGregor, Senior Research Officer, The Australian National University
  161. Wayne Houston, Senior Research Officer, Central Queensland University
  162. Ajay Narendra, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
  163. Harriet Mills, Sessional Academic, Edith Cowan University
  164. Prof Lesley Head, Head, School of Geography, The University of Melbourne
  165. A/Prof Mathew Crowther, Associate Professor, University of Sydney
  166. Jochen Zeil, Em Prof of Ecological Neuroscience, The Australian National University
  167. Susan Baker, Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
  168. Bethany Hoye, Lecturer, University of Wollongong
  169. Tim Rawling, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
  170. Dr Gilad Bino, Research Fellow, University of NSW
  171. Kate Brandis, Research Fellow, Centre for Ecosystem Science, University of New South Wales
  172. Lauren Bennett, Associate Professor, The University of Melbourne
  173. Stefania Ondei, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
  174. Hamish Campbell, Associate Professor, Charles Darwin University
  175. Mark Kennard, Associate Professor, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University
  176. Saul Cunningham, Professor, ANU
  177. Byron Lamont, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Curtin University
  178. Timothy Clark, Associate Professor, Deakin University
  179. Gerry Quinn, Chair in Marine Biology, Deakin University
  180. Richard Duncan, Professor, Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra
  181. Sandra Vardeh, Postdoctoral researcher, JLU Gießen
  182. Andrew F Bennett, Professor in Ecology, La Trobe University
  183. Angie Haslem, Research Fellow, La Trobe University
  184. Richard Peters, Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University
  185. Michelle Leishman, Distinguished Professor, Head of Department, Macquarie University
  186. Mariella Herberstein, Professor, Macquarie university
  187. Nola Hancock, Research Fellow, Macquarie University
  188. Joe Fontaine, Environmental Scientist, Murdoch University
  189. Alan Andersen, Professorial Fellow, Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University
  190. Ascelin Gordon, Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University
  191. Zan Hammerton, Adjunct Lecturer, Southern Cross University
  192. Nicholas Williams, Associate Professor, The University of Melbourne
  193. A/Prof Sarah Wright, Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, The University of Newcastle
  194. Philip K. Seccombe, Conjoint Associate Professor, The University of Newcastle
  195. Dr William Chivers, Lecturer, The University of Newcastle
  196. Meg Sherval, Senior Lecturer, The University of Newcastle
  197. Hugh Possingham, Professor, The University of Queensland
  198. Caralyn Kemp, Lecturer, Unitec (NZ, because it’s hard to get work in Oz)
  199. Ralph Mac Nally, Centenary Professor, University of Canberra
  200. Thomas Schmidt, Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Melbourne
  201. Prof Alan York, Professor (Landscape Biodiversity), University of Melbourne
  202. Reece Pedler, Project Co-ordinator, Wild Deserts, University of New South Wales
  203. Dr Daniel Falster, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales
  204. David McCurdy, Associate Professor, University of Newcastle
  205. Mark Lucock, Associate Professor, University of Newcastle
  206. John Clulow, Associate Professor, University of Newcastle
  207. Michelle Duffy, Associate Professor in Human Geography, University of Newcastle
  208. Robin Offler, Conjoint Assoc. Professor, University of Newcastle
  209. Dr Liam Phelan, Convenor, Bachelor of Science, University of Newcastle
  210. Marcel Maeder, Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle
  211. John Rodger, Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle
  212. Tianyi Ma, Lecturer, University of Newcastle
  213. Khay Fong, Lecturer, University of Newcastle
  214. Aleona Swegen, Postdoctoral fellow, University of Newcastle
  215. Brett, Professor of Biotechnology, University of Newcastle
  216. Karl Hassan, Research Fellow/Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle
  217. Hannah Power, Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle
  218. Cynthia Riginos, Associate Professor, University of Queensland
  219. Jessica Walsh, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland
  220. Kate Reardon-Smith, Research Fellow, University of Southern Queensland
  221. Emily J Flies, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
  222. Daniel Ramp, Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney
  223. Tanya Mason, Adjunct Research Fellow, UNSW
  224. Pawel Waryszak, Research Assistant, Deakin Uni
  225. John Patrick, Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle
  226. Angus Morrison-Saunders, Professor, Environmental Management, Edith Cowan University
  227. S. Petit, Associate Professor in Wildlife Ecology, University of South Australia
  228. Christine Connelly, Lecturer in Environmental Science, Victoria University
  229. Sue McIntyre, Honorary Professor, Australian National University
  230. Megan, Lecturer, The University of Newcastle
  231. Linda Beaumont, Associate Professor, Macquarie University
  232. Dr Rohan Clarke, Senior Lecturer, Monash University
  233. David Guez, conjoint Lecturer, The University of Newcastle
  234. Brad Woodworth, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland
  235. David raubenheimer, university professor, university of sydney
  236. Gabriel Machovsky-Capuska, Senior Researcher, University of Sydney
  237. Libby Rumpff, Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
  238. Anne Peters, associate professor, Monash University
  239. Dr E.C.F. Bird, Honorary Fellow, Department of Geograohy, University of Melbourne
  240. Erica Wanless, Professor, University of Newcastle
  241. Carla Catterall, Professor Emeritus, Griffith University
  242. Colin Trainor, Adjunct Fellow, Charles Darwin University
  243. Yung En Chee, Senior Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne
  244. Sam Banks, Professor, Charles Darwin University
  245. Lori Lach, Associate Professor, James Cook University
  246. James Cook, Professor, Western Sydney University
  247. Eddie van Etten, Senior Lecturer, Edith Cowan University
  248. Associate Professor Karl Vernes, Convenor of Ecosystem Management, University of New England
  249. Jodi Price, Senior Lecturer in Vegetation Ecology, Charles Sturt University
  250. Dr. Julian Caley, Adjunct Professor, QUT and JCU
  251. Dr Deborah Bower, Lecturer in Ecosystem Rehabilitation, University of New England
  252. Laura Brettell, postdoctoral research fellow, Western Sydney University
  253. Devi Stuart-Fox, Associate Professor, The University of Melbourne
  254. Luke Mosley, Associate Professor, University of Adelaide
  255. Nigel Andrew, Professor of Entomology, University of New England
  256. Dr Graeme Taylor, Honorary Fellow at the Global Change Institute, University of Queensland.


  1. David Harbison, Director, D R Agriculture Pty Ltd
  2. Ainsley Seago, Entomologist, NSW DPI
  3. Khorloo, Scientist, Arthur Rylah Institute
  4. Georgia Watson, Research assistant (biology), UOW
  5. Joel Stibbard, Senior Ecologist, Biodiversity Conservation Trust
  6. Emma Bennett, Principal Ecologist, Elmoby Ecology
  7. Jo Cosham, Public Servant, Government
  8. Jo Cosham, Member, Ecological Society of Australia
  9. Dr Sarah Pearson, Independent, Independent
  10. Brett Docherty, Director, Docherty Surveying
  11. James Shugg, Arboriculturalist, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
  12. Ian McMillan, Honorary research fellow, Queensland Museum
  13. Lincoln Kern, Ecological Consultant and Managing Director, Practical Ecology Pty Ltd
  14. Noel Preece, Director, Biome5 Environmental
  15. Ben Stepkovitch, Technical Officer, Hawkesbury Institute of the Environment
  16. Phillipa Holden, Manager Strategy & Engagement, NRKI
  17. Dr Ian Baird, Ecologist, Independent consultant
  18. Jane Williamson, Senior Ecologist, GIS Environmental Consultants
  19. Dr Richard Glatz, Principal Scientist, D’Estrees Entomology & Science Services
  20. Tim Vale, Fire Management and Policy Officer, Conservation Council SA
  21. Diana Kuchinke, Sessional teacher, Federation University
  22. Dr Graeme T. Hastwell, Independent researcher & consultant, No affiliation
  23. Lee Belbin, Director, Blatant Fabrications Pty Ltd
  24. Sue Murray-Jones, Marine advisor, Myanmar, and casual academic staff,, Fauna & Flora International, and Flinders university of SA
  25. Bill (W.E.) Richdale, self-employed ecologist, consultant ecologist
  26. Paula Peeters, CEO, Paperbark Writer
  27. Pat Hutchings, Senior Fellow, Australian Museum
  28. Wendy Hawes, Principal Ecologist, The Envirofactor
  29. Joshua Lee, Director, North Coast Environmental Services
  30. Dr Jeff Foulked, Conservation Programs Manager, Nature Conservation Society of South Australia
  31. Gregory D Kerr, Senior Ecologist, Nature Glenelg Trust
  32. Barbara Stewart, Consultant ecologist, Landmark Ecological Services Pty Ltd
  33. Nicole Maher, Landcare Coordinator, Murrumbidgee Landcare
  34. Don Butcher, Outdoor educator, Latrobe University
  35. Anna Povey, Director, Bush Matters
  36. Alan House, Principal Ecologist, Red Gum Ecology
  37. Dr Graeme Lorimer, Principal Environmental Scientist, Biosphere Pty Ltd
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  39. Caitlin Selleck, Research scientist, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
  40. Kevin Taylor, Ecologist, Nature Conservation Council of NSW
  41. Graham Griffin, Partner, Datasticians
  42. Annette Cook, Wildlife ecologist, Independent
  43. Timothy Wills, Technical Director – Botany, GHD
  44. Maree Treadwell, Ecologist, N/A
  45. Ayesha Burdett, Ecologist, River Bend Ecology
  46. Dr Jessica Marsh, Honourary Research Associate, South Australian Museum
  47. Dr Sarsha Gorissen, Ecologist, Independent
  48. Shoshana Rapley, Research Assistant, Australian National University
  49. David Smith, Research Ecologist, Australian National University
  50. Dr. Hugh Spencer, CEO/Director, Australian Tropical Research Foundation
  51. Dr Ros Blanche, Retired Ecologist, CSIRO
  52. Julie Schubert, Environmental Scientist, Duke Environmental
  53. John Read, Director, Ecological Horizons
  54. Dr William Steele, Consulting Ecologist/ Biodiversity Scientist, Ecology Balance/ Melbourne Water Corporation
  55. Grant Buller, Research Assistant, Edith Cowan University
  56. Dr Malcolm Lindsay, Ecologist, Environs Kimberley
  57. Paul Revie, Ecologist/Zoologist, Envirosphere Consulting
  58. Patrick Malone, Environmental Consultant, Envirosphere Consulting Pty Ltd
  59. Mallory Wilson, Member, ESA
  60. Amanda Todd, Senior Technical Officer, Griffith University
  61. Marita MCGuirk, Ecologist, Manage Your Habitat
  62. Berin Mackenzie, Scientist, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
  63. Louise Gilfedder, Associate, University of Tasmania
  64. Mick Roderick, Woodland Bird Program Manager, BirdLife Australia
  65. Tricia Stewart, Natural Areas Team Leader, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
  66. Maria Cardoso, Field Ecologist, Landcare
  67. Peter, Valentine, Adjunct Professor, James Cook University
  68. Jennifer Anson, Senior Ecologist, Australian Wildlife Conservancy
  69. Dr Lachlan Fetterplace, Researcher, Fish Thinkers Research
  70. Steven Towner, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Envirosphere Consulting


  1. Stephanie Hernandez, PhD Candidate, James Cook University
  2. Eilysh Thompson, PhD candidate, Deakin University
  3. Chris Jolly, PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne
  4. Sara Balouch, PhD student, Deakin University Australia
  5. Brodie Verrall, HDR Candidate, Griffith University
  6. Sonya Fiddes, PhD Student, University of Melbourne
  7. Robert Scanlon, PhD Candidate, University of Newcastle
  8. Barbara Fraser, PhD candidate, Sessional Academic, University of Newcastle
  9. Andrew Colefax, PhD Candidate, Southern Cross University
  10. Peter Butcherine, PhD Student, Southern Cross University
  11. Matthew Nimbs, PhD Candidate, Southern Cross University
  12. Katie Kelly, Honours Student, Southern Cross University
  13. Jamie David, PhD scholar, Southern Cross University
  14. James Tucker, PhD Student, SCU
  15. Sophie Pryor, PhD candidate, National Marine Science Centre
  16. Nicola Fraser, PhD Candidate, Southern Cross University
  17. Sarah Maclagan, PhD candidate, Deakin University
  18. Anthony Schultz, PhD Candidate, University of the Sunshine Coast
  19. Daniel Huston, PhD Candidate, University of Queensland
  20. Pauline Lenancker, PhD student, James Cook University
  21. Carrie Sims, PhD Student, University Of Queensland
  22. Valerie Hagger, PhD candidate/Ecologist, The University of Queensland
  23. Roshan Sharma, PhD Student, RMIT University
  24. Patrick Norman, PhD Candidate, Griffith University
  25. Michelle Ward, PHD Candidate, UQ
  26. Darcy Watchorn, PhD student, Deakin University
  27. Elise Verhoeven, Student, University of Technology Sydney
  28. Amelia Saul, PhD Candidate, University of Sydney
  29. Bernardo J. O’Connor, PhD Student, University of Adelaide
  30. Guyo Gufu, HDR candidate, Macquarie university
  31. Nicholas Wilson, PhD Student, University of Wollongong
  32. Sean Walsh, PhD Student / Tutor, University of Melbourne
  33. Kita Ashman, PhD Candidate in Ecology, Deakin University
  34. Casey, PhD, The University of Sydney
  35. Callum McDiarmid, PhD student, Macquarie University
  36. David Clarke, PhD student, Monash University
  37. Thomas Sayers, PhD student, The University of Melbourne
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  39. Luke Florence, Student, Southern Cross University
  40. Anita Huber, Postgraduate student, University of New England
  41. Andrew Katsis, PhD candidate, Deakin University
  42. Kyle Hemming, PhD student, University of Canberra
  43. Jasmine Lee, Post-doctoral Researcher, Monash University
  44. Claire Brandenburger, PhD candidate, UNSW Sydney
  45. Justin Chan, PhD Student, UNSW
  46. Casey O’Brien, PhD candidate, Adelaide University
  47. Alicia Merriam, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide
  48. Kit Prendergast, PhD researcher, Curtin University
  49. Josephine Woods, PhD candidate, Biosciences, Melbourne Uni
  50. Jessica Rowland, PhD candidate, Deakin University
  51. Fred Rainsford, PhD researcher, La trobe University
  52. Annette Cavanagh, Student, La Trobe University
  53. Brody Loneragan, Honours candidate, Murdoch University
  54. Natasha Tay, PhD Candidate, Murdoch University
  55. Rebecca Groenewegen, PhD Candidate, The University of Melbourne
  56. Lily van Eeden, PhD student, The University of Sydney
  57. Sandra Penman, PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne
  58. Carol Martin, PhD Candidate (Sustainable Resource Management), University of Newcastle
  59. Michelle Mogilski, PhD candidate, University of Queensland
  60. John Lamaris, Student, University of Queensland
  61. Josephine Potter-Craven, PhD Candidate, University of Tasmania
  62. Tom Le Breton, PhD Candidate, UNSW
  63. Nicolas Stephenson, Third year Envirnmental science student, Murdoch University
  64. Stephen Kearney, PhD candidate, University of Queensland
  65. Linda Parker, PhD candidate, The University of Melbourne
  66. Alan Stenhouse, Doctoral Researcher, University of Adelaide
  67. Kelly Dixon, PhD candidate, Australian National University
  68. Claire Greenwell, PhD Candidate, Murdoch University